September 27, 2009

Trading kids...for this!

This week, my husband and I got to go on a day trip together - ALONE! It was almost surreal to drive alone, hike alone and eat alone. We had a wonderful time and returned to our house totally refreshed and full of secret smiles for each other. We felt rather giddy - like we were dating again! Best of all, when we returned, our girls were racing around having a great time with their friends and hadn't even missed us. :)

How did we accomplish this miracle? Well...a friend of mine recently moved down the street from me and we've decided to trade babysitting. She and her husband love hiking too so we're gong to switch days with each other. So, we can both get free babysitting for a long day out with our guys. Friday was our first time trading. Our girls had a fabulous time and so did we. It's nice to find someone we can trust with our children (besides our family) for a significant stretch of time.

We'll definitely be doing this again!

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