September 7, 2009

Packing a diaper bag for success :)

One thing I really need to change in my life (small steps) is planning better for outings. This morning I was late – again – dropping the girls off at the babysitter because I didn’t pack the diaper bag last night. Since we switched to cloth diapers, it gets a little tricky to always have clean diapers on hand that the babysitter will use (the kind that look like disposables with either snaps or Velcro).

From now on, I'll pack my diaper bag as soon as I empty it or at least pack it every night before bed. So, if I'm packing my diaper bag every night, these are the things I need:

8 clean diapers (fitted or flat)
15 cloth wipes (I like having a lot of these)
Dirty Diaper bag
water squirt bottle – for bum rinses.
2 changes of clothes –
1 or 2 pairs of leggings – I’m addicted to these. They’re SO much easier and cooler than pants and necessary to keep her from getting rug burn while crawling
2 snappies – for flat folds
3 covers
Burt’s Bees zinc oxide cream
Sunblock – I only use this if we’re going to be outside more than 15-20 minutes

Ok, I’m going home to print this on a card and keep it in the bag so I’ll remember to do it every night!!

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