September 7, 2009

Organizing my life

In my ongoing effort to organize my life, I’ve made some great changes. I’ve added some regularity to my schedule, like creating certain days for things and not being out too late at night so our kids don’t go insane. Every week, we spend Saturday morning together as a family, going to the farmer’s market and running various errands. Then, we come home, unpack our groceries and attempt to create some order in our space so I don’t go crazy the rest of the week. We try to leave to Saturdays only those activities I just can’t get done with two children in tow.

I also made it my goal to make time for myself – like an hour each Sunday morning – when I write or do other things I enjoy. So far, I’ve made it to the coffee shop and spent time writing on my laptop. A few days ago, my dh informed me that I WILL be taking more time for myself, (like it or not) one more day a week. He thinks unhealthy for me and us not to have have some time off from the kids. I know he’s right and I actually cried with relief when he told me his plan. Every Tuesday, as soon as he gets home, I have to be ready to walk out the door and spend time alone for two hours. I just need to get back in time for dinner (which he'll cook!). What an amazing idea!!! I can’t wait to start.

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