November 11, 2010

I'm actually the luckiest girl I know...

Ten years ago, I married the most amazing guy I know. Seriously. Maybe I'll write the story of how we met someday - but for now, the best part of the story is how (and why) I love him even more today than I did when he stood up in front of over 200 of our closest friends and pledged his undying love to me - wearing a skirt kilt.

My four year old daughter wanted to know if we were going to get married again today. We're not actually doing that now - but I'd marry him again in a second. Every day I wake and go to sleep - I thank God for the amazing guy I get to share my life with. So, while we're not renewing our vows with a ceremony, I have a few things I'd like to say to him today - in front of some of those same friends - and some new ones who now read this blog.

My Dearest Love,

When we married, I was attracted to so many things about you. Your laugh (who can forget it?! I kinda miss that crazy laugh but I like your grown up one too.), your kindness, your music (NOT the prog rock but everything else), your strength and wisdom were among them. I also found you incredibly attractive! Remember how we used to drive our friends crazy with constant PDA. Though, I think Chelley's version of the stories are wildly exaggerated. Haha! Wish I could apologize but I just couldn't help myself! Here's us back then. :)

Ten years later - I still love the "big idea" things about you because they're what drives you to do the little things that make life easier and enjoyable.

You don't bring me flowers or buy me lots of jewelry. THANK GOODNESS! You know me well enough to know I don't care about that stuff and that I can grow my own flowers.

But, you do...
Love watching movies and analyzing them to find the plot holes or to praise the great writing as much as I do.

You do the dishes, pick up toys and generally pitch in everywhere.

You make up crazy games to keep our daughters occupied and your kindness and love for them makes them  think the sun rises and sets in you. I watched our oldest wake you the other day and the smile you gave her before you even opened your eyes lit up her face and left no doubt in her that you would rather be with her than finish your dream.

You are so HOT.

You are a true, loyal friend - to every person who is lucky enough to know you.

You are a great cook!

You take care of me when I'm sick. Thanks sweetie!

You love to read as much as I do - Hurrah!!

You have a wonderful family and I'm so glad to be part of it.

You are a great sparring partner. If fight I must (and I'm afraid at this point in my life, I'm not about to change. I've realized I like a good argument), you are the one I want to make up with. ;-)

You pulled me out of the deep end during the years I thought I would drown with the grief of watching my brother, mother and father die, one after the other.

You are amazing at getting up in the night with babies who need to be fed, changed or who have thrown up all over the bed. Ugh.

You constantly say and do things to make me feel attractive.

You constantly set new physical goals for yourself - cycling, running and more. You are seriously my hero and I think of you every day as I get out of bed to make them for myself.

You always listen - even when you have a deadline to meet.

Hot, really HOT!

You always encourage me to be the best version of myself - even when I want to give up on her.

You never let me give up on my dreams, gifts and goals - even when I do.

You are a renaissance man - always challenging yourself to learn more and be the best at whatever you put your hand to. So far, you haven't found much at which you don't excel.

You are not perfect, thank God, though it's hard to find much fault with you. If you were, I'd really feel insecure about myself!

You gave me two precious little girls to play with every day.

You have always loved, always believed, always hoped in me - even when I was at my lowest.

You never lie to me.

You are still the kindest person I know.

You still have a great laugh.

Did I mention, you're seriously hot?!

My love, you are my best, most honest and truest friend. You have loved me at my best and - more often - my worst. You are my strength, my encourager and my champion and I am yours.

Thank you for being faithful to our love for these twelve years. For finding out who I really am and still loving me - and even liking me.

I love that we are living a life we love - with everything, and especially everyone that it has brought to us. I honestly could not have picked a better person to share my life with and I am amazed everyday that you picked me. I married the person I admire most of anyone in the world - even more than Bono - and that's saying something.

I love you with every fibre of my being and I will love you till I draw my last breath.

You are - and always will be - the "shade of my heart*".

*R. Jordan, Wheel of Time Series

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