March 21, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Morning. Don't want to sound tooooo cheery for those of you who are morning haters. Haha! I'm definitely waking a little slower these days since I've been on a late night jag lately. But, hopefully, these links will provide just the distraction we need to keep us from falling into our morning coffee mugs. Enjoy!

Don't these look delicious? I think I'll try my hand at them, um, eventually... They bring back memories.
Fruity Goodness

Some cool architectural structures in Arizona. Who says we don't have art here?

If you celebrated the Irish a bit too vigorously last week, you might need a touch'o'green to mend your body. Try this.The Alkaline Sisters Green Drinks for a Healthy St. Patty's Day

Or maybe you're trying to get yourself motivated to clean the house and (like me), you don't even know where to start. Well, this might help!  Real Simple's Daily Cleaning Checklist

And on a completely different note. This is amazing. I won't interpret it other than to say, it's meant to be art. What does it mean to you? Have a great day, everyone!

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