February 6, 2011

Rose Hip Syrup

This morning, I finally made some rose hip syrup. I'd been putting it off because I have a million other things to do - like changing diapers, making meals, cleaning, changing diapers, washing dishes, playing princess and did I mention changing diapers?

But today, my four year old woke up with the look.  You know the one. Slightly puffy eyes, flushed cheeks, chesty cough? Yep. That one. I ran a quick hand across her skin to confirm. Yes. A fever. So, I had to do what parents sometimes have to do - be the bad guy. This morning I was the bad guy because it's Sunday and she loves going to church to see her friends. Afterward, we usually have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. But, not today. Boy, was she disappointed. But, I knew I'd made the right decision because she only sniffled for a moment, then crawled right back into bed and snuggled into her blankets.

I spent the rest of the morning making lemonade (fever reducer!), snacks she felt like eating (oatmeal and canteloupe), and toast. Of course, my littlest got a slightly different breakfast since she went to bed sporting signs of the Big "D". Oh bugger. They're both sick - and with completely different symptoms!

So, I grabbed my bag of rose hips, which are high in Vitamin C, and threw them in the pan to make some rose hips syrup. It's pretty easy to make. You just simmer 1/2 c dry rose hips in about 3 cups of water for 45 minutes, strain and add 1 c honey. Stir together and - it's done. I gave it to my four year old in little teaspoon doses. It's pretty strong so I might try putting it in her tea next.

Here's a pic of the syrup. I think mine is much darker than usual because I used a dark honey in it.
Rose hips (if you don't know) are simply the fruit of the rose bush. They look like little red (or purple) bulbs (here's a pic). If you have roses and find these pretty little fruits on them, take some time to read about how to use them. As long as you don't use chemicals on your rose bushes, they should be ok to eat. Just one more thing from your garden that can bring healing to your body.

Who knew the rose could be so useful?

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