April 4, 2011

Wake Up! It's Monday Already...

Well, somehow another weekend has flown by and we're all facing Monday again. Does it seem like to anyone else that time goes faster and faster as more and more birthdays pass? Speaking of birthdays, if you missed mine, it was last week. Yep. You missed it. Bet you're feeling bad about now, right? Don't worry, you can make it up to me by taking me to one of my favorite local joints. Ok. I'll be waiting by the phone.

Right here.

Hmmm...is my phone on vibrate or something?



Heehee. Just kidding.

If you really did miss my birthday last week, here's the post I wrote to celebrate another year of life.

Ok - On to Monday's line up!

Locally raised Dan Smock - is a former schoolmate who is raising money for Red, White and Blue. RW&B is an organization that creates a support network and community for veterans (and their loved ones) returning from Active Duty or National Guard duty. This is a great cause and Dan's a great sport to raise money for it by doing something he hates - running! Not only that, he's running a half marathon. Since he's currently working as a civilian doing development work in Afghanistan, he has to run it on a little treadmill. And he's a tall guy. See? Bet you feel better about your Monday already, with your butt firmly planted in your chair, right? Go Dan!! http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/dsmock73/ghazni-half-marathon

If you are sick of putting chemicals on your face and would love to try your hand at making your own cosmetics, check out Crunchy Betty. She has oodles of great information and recipes and she's pretty darn fun to read too!

Just visited St Francis restaurant for the first time this weekend thanks to a friend and it was fun! Great ambiance in this formerly-architectural firm turned restaurant. It had a surprising amount of seating but it still seemed warm and intimate for a night out with a good friend or maybe a romantic date. Oh yeah. St. Francis offers fresh, flavorful American food, sourced by local businesses like Maya's Farm, Cartel Coffee and Black Mesa Ranch. If you like cocktails, theirs are made with fresh ingredients like cucumber, basil and strawberry and more and are delicious. So I hear...

Here is a glimpse into the work of a local artist with a love for living. She had a light spirit and is truly amazing at felting, something I tried my hand at and failed miserably. Ah well, we all have our gifts! Barbara at Choose the Happy Ending

This makes me happy!

That's it for today Monday friends. Hope you find some moments of laughter in this beautiful day!

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