June 10, 2011

The Sweet Life Garden part 2

Here's the followup to yesterday's post highlighting our visit to gardener Jill's Sweet Life Garden.
Jill uses healthy gardening methods like composting, companion planting and avoids using chemicals on her plants or the pests who might visit. Her garden is proof that you don't need to buy Miracle Grow to create a stunning green space.

Jill is a proficient gardener and homemaker. For those of you who think a garden takes too much time, be encouraged. Jill says she usually only spends about an hour a day in the garden when it's not peach season. Along with the plants I've shared these last two days, Jill also grows blackberries, blueberries, several other varieties of trees and more. She offers eggs at her farmstand as well as delicious preserves. And the peaches, which were the original inspiration for our visit? Sweet, flavorful and luscious! If you'd like to know more about this garden, please visit Jill's blog.

Today we'll look at some of the more creative garden ideas Jill employs. The effect is a very romantic, cottage style garden.
Who knew celery could be so pretty?

I love how Jill manages to tuck so many trees into her space and still grow things underneath them.
Here is an apricot tree planted with catnip, society garlic and other whimsical looking plants.

Apricot tree
Jill has many trees around the property - including two shading the chicken coop, a must in the scorching Arizona summer. One of Jill's gardening tips is that she keeps them trimmed fairly low. She suggests letting them grow no higher than what you can reach from a ladder. After all, you want to be able to reach the fruit you're growing.

Here's another great idea. Jill is training her apples (she has both Fiji and Anna) into an apple hedge growing on the pool fence. How creative!

Tomatoes, my favorite.

See this fountain? Those aren't just flowers growing underneath.

Alyssum (pest repellant), melons and some kind of pretty purple stalk.  
A closer look at the society garlic.

Let's finish with just one of the many gorgeous rose bushes Jill tends.
If you just can't get enough of this garden, don't fret. It's featured, along with several others, in the Arcadia Garden Tour which happens twice a year. You missed the spring tour but it's not too late for fall. Check out Jill's blog and stay tuned for news from the beautiful Sweet Life Garden. Thanks again for the tour, Jill!


  1. what a great write up on my dear friend Jill...isn't she simply lovely!?!

    xo lylah


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