June 9, 2011

The Sweet Life Garden part 1

The beautiful weather these past few months has lured my girls and me out into nature lately. And, last week, we had the opportunity to check out a garden I've been admiring online for a while. We learned via Facebook that the peaches at the Sweet Life Garden were ready to pick and would only be available a few more days. So, Tuesday morning, we headed over as early as I could bundle the girls into the car (hint: not before 9!) and headed to Arcadia. I just had to share with you some of the sights we enjoyed. Today's post will be some of the more traditional aspects of her garden and tomorrow, I'll show you some of the more creative things she's done in her garden.

Organic Mama will be regularly featuring some of the amazing gardens around the Phoenix area. Hopefully, it will encourage those of you who are new to gardening to jump in and get started. Don't worry if your garden area isn't as large as Jill's. Check out some of the creative ways she tucks plants into different spaces and go for it! For more on Jill's garden, check out her blog.
What a magical entrance to the garden!
Photo Credit: Daughter No 1

First, meet Jill, the lovely lady behind this garden. She and I posed so my five year old could practive her budding photography skills. She did ok, didn't she? You can see some of Jill's handiwork - peaches hanging from the tree above us. Yum. They were delicious.

Of course the first thing my girls noticed was the hen house. Though my older daughter was a little uncertain about these creatures, my youngest (who's two) couldn't get enough of them. She talked to them like they'd been buds forever and informed Jill, "I think they like me!" Imagine her thrill when Jill actually let her go inside to collect eggs! 

She is, I might add, very efficient at egg gathering, if just a tad inclined to toss the eggs into the basket. Oops!
Aren't they pretty? So colorful!

This guy was sure I was there to feed him.
The trumpet vine climbing this date palm tree is truly breathtaking in person.
I had to give you a closer look at these gorgeous flowers! Now to figure out where I can add a trumpet vine in one of my growing spaces. I have a couple of palms. Hmmm...
She has the traditional raised beds. See anything you recognize? She has tomatoes, onions, peppers and more. Notice she plants nasturtiums and marigolds with her veggies. Not only do they add color, they are great for discouraging pests.

Recognize this plant? See the tell-tale white flowers and brilliant red color peeping through those pretty rounded leaves? You're right. They're strawberries. This bed was an incredible sight. Real strawberries from the garden are nothing like what we buy at the supermarket. They are bright, sweet, usually a bit smaller and smell divine. Jill's strawberry bed reminded me of my Grandma Verna's strawberries. They were always such a treat!

Ok, that's all for today. More coming tomorrow!

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