December 9, 2010

"Own Ur Day"

This morning, I woke early - too early - to go hiking with one of my very best friends. In fact, I woke before my alarm because my two year old has gotten into this rather awful habit of waking at 4 am and calling, "Mommy, I want to hold you!" This morning (thankfully!), she slept in till 5 but I couldn't go back to sleep for fear I'd miss my hiking date. That said, I texted my girlfriend and said, "Sure you still want to go today?" Hahaha!! What can I say, it was cold this morning!

When 5:30 rolled around, I extricated myself from my little snuggler's arms and deposited her safely in dad's while she loudly expressed her displeasure at my leaving. Undeterred, I kissed her goodbye, bravely stepped out into the brisk morning air and promptly doubted my sanity. It was FAR too cold (and dark) to go hiking. Maybe we could get coffee instead?

At the mountain, my friend and I laughed about the thought of bailing for coffee - no way! - and charged up the path, shivering and giggling at how wimpy we were being. With the fresh, rainy smell of creosote in our nose, we settled into a rhythm and started catching up on the latest events and lessons going on  in our lives. She's always been that kind of friend to me. Sincere, encouraging, funny - and when necessary - honest. It's like a mutual therapy session!
Me - after I hiked. Sun in my eyes but feeling awesome!

When we finished hiking and said, "Goodbye!" with a big hug, I no longer doubted my sanity for kicking my butt out of bed this morning. I felt relaxed, energized and ready to start my day.

I need these kinds of mornings. Sure, I get up and walk regularly to keep my body feeling strong and my mind clear. But, sometimes, I need more. I need to make the extra time to see a friend at a ridiculously early time - to tell her she's that important to me.

I need to know I am strong enough to conquer that mountain - even when I'd rather be in bed. I need to know that I have and am an amazing friend. I need to remember who I am - and take that into my day. So that I can do what my friend Eric constantly says - "Make this day great! You decide how your day will be. Own ur day!"

I'm owning this one. Are you?

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