December 23, 2010


i wake before the sun
fully refreshed
a unique sensation when one has small children

feeling the thrill and freedom of early morning
with no one yet awake
no one yet needing me -

pulling on my tennies and clothes
i slip out into the dark morning
moving onto the trail with a smile
for the other early birds
like me, seeking solitude

reveling in -
the way the crisp air hits my face
the smell of wet dirt that fills my nose
the vision of vibrant yellows, oranges and reds
draping the trees
creating a canopy over my head
like a secret hiding place

my lungs expand with the movement that
wakes my limbs
and sends my blood racing
i feel open, clear, happy - timeless

i notice everything around me in a way
that is not possible when i am caring for everyone else

this time is mine
and there is only me

i feel the tug of the clock
it's time to return to the rest of my life
i slip back inside and
my daughter is calling for me
needing what only i can give her

i am ready...

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