September 14, 2010

Not Your Mother's Leftovers

We started Saturday a little slow since we stayed up late dining with friends and we never did get moving very quickly. We just hung out together, enjoying the laziness of the day. But several hours after our rather light breakfast, it became clear that little tummies were growling and in need of attention. Rather than starting a new meal, I began pulling out what was already in the fridge.

I sauteed a little fresh kale, thinly sliced, in a few tablespoons of very hot olive oil and tossed in some sea salt. 

Then, I added grilled corn from the last night and 3 roughly chopped garlic cloves. I always use fresh garlic for greens. There's no substitute for the flavor - plus it's great for your immune system!

Next some couscous and roasted red pepper (diced). It started to smell very good!

Finally, I found a a one dish meal my dear love made for us Thursday night. It had several varieties of squash and some red quinoa.

Here's what the final dish looked like. Pretty good for leftovers!

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