May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom-in-Law!

My MIL's Easter Cactus

I'm on a Mother kick lately, I guess, since my last post was about a Mother. But this one is a little different. Today is my mother-in-law's birthday and she's a pretty great person. This is my "Happy Birthday" message to her.

My mom-in-law and I have several things in common...We are both vocalists (she has an Ah-Mazing soprano voice). We both enjoy gardening. We are both committed fully to our families. We are both romantics at heart. And, interestingly, we both tend to be a little introverted when we're not performing.

Born in the South, my MIL still retains some characteristics of that culture. She is a lovely woman and dresses beautifully and appropriately for every occasion (JUST like ME! - flip flops are cool for church right?) She is reserved with her opinion (Totally like me!). She is a super hostess and throws terrific parties. She babysits and cooks for us regularly and frequently and the grandkids *A-DORE* her.  I can always count on her to come to my concerts. When my parents were ill, she offered regular meals, prayers and love to not only me but to my whole family. She is generous - to a fault - with her time and money to people who are in need, family or not.

All of these things and more, recommend this lady as a wonderful mother-in-law. But what I most appreciate about her is that even when we don't share the same opinion on something, she goes out of her way to be respectful and supportive.  Because of this, our relationship has grown into a loving, healthy one. And, I can honestly say that I see her as more than just my husband's mother or my children's gram. I truly love her and consider her my dear friend.

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