January 7, 2011

Steel Cut Oats - Delicious and Easier Than You Think!

We're on a porridge kick at our house lately. When I say porridge, I mean steel cut oats, of course. As a young girl, I had my share of the rolled oats version of oatmeal and always found it rather lacking. The texture of the oats was closer akin to slime than a nutty oat and I always had the feeling I was eating slugs for breakfast. (What can I say, I was imaginative even as a youngster!).

Not having true slimey ogre-ish tastes (we've seen Shrek about a BILLION times at our house), when I decided to use oats to save money and feed my family something nourishing, I chose the non-slug version of oatmeal. Steel cut oats. Now, I reserve rolled oats for cookies and fruit crisps (a rarity at my house but I dream of getting around to that!).

Steel cut oats are nutty & creamy, warm and fill up your tummy! Not only that, they're filled with all kinds of great nutrients like fiber, calcium, Vit-B complex (happy vitamin), magnesium, folate and potassium. We always add a dash of sea salt and a bit of fat - like a dab of butter or some milk. I know choosing to eat saturated fats flies in the face of some current ideas of health. However, the women in our family are (usually) amazingly  long lived and they always ate real food like butter, raw milk, eggs, meat etc. A little bit of healthy fat like butter or coconut oil early in the day will give you a surprising boost of energy and keep you feeling full till lunch.

But, where to buy steel cut oats? McCann's Irish Oats may look cool on the shelf but they are pricey so I started buying Trader Joe's Organic Steel Cut Oats. Then I discovered that  I could buy them in bulk from my local Whole Foods. They're still organic but even more affordable that TJ's (though I remain a loyal fan!). I suspect if you shop at Sprouts or Sunflower markets, you can find oats in their bulk section too. Just give them a sniff because if they don't sell a lot of them, the oats tend go rancid. Nothing will ruin your first oat experience like a bowl of rancid oats!

The thing that probably keeps most people from eating steel cut oats is the cooking time. We all have places to go in the morning and no one wants to sit around waiting 30 minutes for their oats to cook!
Thankfully, it doesn't have to take all morning & once you've cooked them, you can keep them in the fridge for several days and just heat them in the morning!. Here's another option that reduces the cooking time significantly.

Steel Cut Oats
3 cups filtered water
1 cup oats
Butter or coconut oil or cream
Dash of sea salt
Toppings as desired like -
pecans, walnuts, slivered walnuts
blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc 

1. The night before...Place 1 c oats in 3 cups water and soak overnight. 
2. Bring to a boil in the morning while you're nursing your first cup of coffee and cook for ten minutes. 
3. Dish into serving bowls 
4. Add a dab of butter or coconut or real cream (NO non-dairy creamer please!)
5. Add a dash of sea salt (this is optional but our family likes our porridge with salt vs. sugar.)
6. Add toppings if desired 
7. Enjoy!

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