January 11, 2010

How love changes us...

The holidays are over and our regular day to day activities have returned. With them arrived an incredible amount of clutter, despite all my cleaning out before the holidays. We received so much for Christmas - and I am truly grateful to those people who love my children and gift them with such lovely treasures. However, the treasures offer me a new challenge - to find places for all of them!

As you know, it's not my strongest gift to maintain the most organized house with small people running around. I should probably say that pre-kids and pre-husband, when I had my own apartment and worked a strenuous job, I needed a very strict schedule and clean space to maintain my sanity. I went to bed by 10 pm, rose at 4:30 am every morning to hike and was at work by 6:30 am. It worked for me and I liked the rigidity of my schedule.

But one day, my life changed. I fell in love. And, as my mother predicted (though I insisted she wouldn't be right), I fell in love with a musician. Not just any musician. A genius musician who read theory books because he liked them (weird, right?) and was always in a rock band. Of course, rock bands don't often finish playing before 10 pm. So, my schedule fell on it's head and it's never been the same since. Well, I wasn't satisfied just dating this guy, I had to go marry him, leave my job in aviation technology to pursue other things I loved - like music.

Funny things about musicians. Not only do they work late, they work often. It's the only way to do what they love and still manage to eat! As the years pass, I've embraced the reality that as musicians, we'll never have schedules quite like the rest of our friends and family. That's ok with us because we're doing what we love. But, I am also learning that within our own crazy schedule, we need to find a routine that works for us.

So, this week I made a small resolution. I'm going to go back to a more regular schedule - for my own sanity. For starters, it's going to include an earlier bedtime and an earlier morning, preferably before Destructo Girl (as we affectionately call our youngest) wakes. Hopefully, this will allow me to get into a routine that will help me to 1. Keep my house more organized, 2. Schedule more time to play with my kids (my biggest priority) and 3. Be more cheerful in general for my family and that musician guy I still lovely - madly. 

I'll let you know how it goes...

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