October 5, 2009

Pros of home birth…

Here are some of the things I liked about home birth.

1 My own space & my own germs (not the super-staph and other stuff at the hospital). I felt relaxed, which I believe contributed to a much shorter labor. I also got a lot of cleaning done (both bathrooms) in early labor and it distracted me.

2. The feeling of letting my body do what it was meant to do – create, nurture and give birth to life. While the pain was of the “Holy **** - Why did I think I wanted to do this naturally??” variety, it helped me to know just when to push and push effectively and when to take a break.

3. My midwife did not constantly tell me how far I’d dilated – so I wasn’t in competition with the clock. I progressed in my own time.

4. Being aware and happy that my baby had arrived safely.

5. Going to bed in my own home afterward and actually sleeping rather than having someone wake me every hour to check on me.

6. Getting to see the placenta. The amazing veins running through it are shaped just like a tree of life. It was incredible. What a wonderful picture of its purpose.

7. Being alone with my husband so we could sleep and enjoy together, just us two, a night with the new little miracle that our love created.

8. Midwife attendant who could monitor the baby's heartbeat - and remind me that I could get through the pain to see my little girl.

I am so happy with the way homebirth turned out and if I ever give birth again, I’ll be calling my midwife.

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